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August 18, 2017 @ 11:14 am

I have been sculpting wood for over 18 years. I enjoy carving wood spirits, Native Americans, wizards and animals who keep watch over ancient canyons, derelict orchards, high plains and fallow fields. The goal of my work is to sculpt images from wood that are interwoven with Mother Nature. I consider it a great joy to create a sculpture from an old tree stump or block of wood, as though releasing the spirit of the once living wood. 

I also create images from pen and ink. My interest in this art form began over 30 years ago. My subject interests are varied, and many of my works contain whimsical, hidden creatures.  



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2 Comments on "Welcome to Wood ‘n Ink"

  1. Patti Murphy

    In 2012 you did the insert wood work for our windows of a skier, bear, and deer as you have on your website of your art work. Our contractor hired you and it has taken me years to find you. Would you be interested in making the same woodwork for the remaining windows?

    1. cjmilliserwoodnink@gmail.com

      Ms. Murphy,
      I sent an email directly to your AOL email address. Thank you for contacting me.
      Charles Milliser

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