Classes & Demonstrations

Classes and Demonstrations

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Next Carving Demonstration will be postponed until further notice at the Centennial Woodcraft Store at 6770 Peoria St.  and Arapahoe Rd.  Various carving techniques and projects will be shared.  Your carving questions will be welcome.  The next carving demonstration will be…   Please check the Woodcraft Store website and the Woodcraft Store flier for further information.  Hope to see you then, other-wise out on the trails and rock faces!

  The artist, looking for inspiration…hard work!

Bas-relief Carving Classes 

Charles Milliser can be contacted at

Classes are held at the Woodcraft store at Peoria St. and Arapahoe Road, 6770 Peoria St. Centennial, Colorado 80112, and are scheduled on Thursdays evenings.  My next Bas-relief class will begin  on August 25, 2020.

*Please note: Schedule for classes will be changed to as yet to be determined times on Thursdays.  

Registration is through the Woodcraft store.  NOTE: Please check with the Woodcraft store as soon as possible.  The classes are limited to eight students and have been filling quickly.   

Tools needed – Swissmade gouge D7/6, Flexcut KN13 detail knife, safety glove and a sharpening strop and sharpening compound.  Other brand names and tool sizes can be substituted, but these specific tools will help.

Carving glove,                                    D7/6 Swissmade gouge,                  KN13 Flexcut detail knife,            Sharpening Strop and compound

Wood selection – Basswood is the most “carver friendly” wood and can be purchased at the Woodcraft store.  Butternut, Aspen, Tupelo wood are good woods and give different characteristics to a carving project.  Harder woods will require more effort/work, and, all wood species can be carved.  However, the teacher would like to state that, “Oak makes good furniture, Ash makes great baseball bats, and Maple is nice flooring..for a reason…but they are much more difficult to carve.”

Project ideas can be provided, however, personal ideas are welcomed. Formatting suggestions are part of the class instruction.

Please note: The  3-D Carving/Sculpture Class is scheduled for March 22, 2020.      The focus of this class is on three dimensional carving.  Carving techniques and strategies along with creative goals for full figure carving are taught and discussed during this class.  It is helpful, but not necessary, to contact Charles prior to attending class.

Charles Milliser can be contacted at


Along with the KN 13 detail knife and the Swissmade D7/6 gouge, it is recommended that a Swissmade gouge 7/14 be acquired.  (Similiar size in another brand will work as well).  Registration is at the Woodcraft store, 6770 Peoria St., Centennial, Colorado, 80112.  

Wood needed – A block of basswood approximately 4″ x 12″ x 8″ will be needed for the class recommended project.  Please know, depending upon the project selected, smaller or larger blocks of wood and different species of wood will work as well.  Thicker pieces of wood will let the student carve more of a full head and decorations, however, the attainable goals of the class are to shape a face, carve the nose, brow, lips and eyes in their basic forms.  More time outside of the class and after class has concluded will be needed to create a complete sculpture.

The class techniques for forming the face are based on Jeff Phare’s book, “Carving the Human Face.”

Specific tool usage methods and techniques are as taught in Charles Milliser’s carving classes.