Three Dimensional Sculpture





Scrub Oak Spirit

Jan. 6,2009 Appl.Picts. Zappli. 010Winsome Wisdom

July 29,2012 Sculpture 023resize

                                                                         Fishing with Ursus

 July 29,2012 Sculpture 020

                                                                                Log with a view 

 Bear 6.24.2012 004

                   Life-size Black Bear at The Hills at Cherry Creek

Aug032014 Preshow 2014-08-03 004

                                                                               The Traveler

Sculpt.7-5-2012 033

      Apache ApparitionDSC_0053                                                                                                  Tess

Pre Show final photos 8-4-2009 001

Imperfect Nature

Sculpt.7-5-2012 034Buffalo Medicine Man


                           The Wolf & the Mountain ManMountain Man (2) Evening Watch (3) resize

                  Evening Watch

Windwalker Windwalker resize

The One That Got Away…

Best_NativeAmer._ JAN.22 - 2011 038

                                           A Good WinterSculpt.7-5-2012 031

Bison Brave

Bison & the Brave

Orick   2013-08-05 001 2013-08-05 011resize

Scrub Oak Guardian Oak Guardian 12.21.15

Bear Claw 

Pre Show final photos 8-4-2009 004


Pre Show final photos 8-4-2009 008

Old Wolf

Guard Critter from pen & ink drawings.  He and his tribe can be found, with close examination, in almost all Charles Milliser’s graphic works.

Cedric – A Carving the Human Face student asked that a skull model be purchased to better help understand the structure of the human head.  So, Cedric was created from a single block of basswood in time for the following series of classes.