The Process

New projects for 2019:

“Wood” carving!


Unfinished Bas Relief of Teepees

Created from  “Spaulted Aspen.” Many different densities of wood encountered, but has enhanced appearance.  Still needs final finish of natural stain and polyurethane.

“Incredible Carving Product!”  Just open the container and pour out a carving!

Yet un-named piece.  Basswood block.

From start to finish:

Illustrated here is the process of how my sculpture was created from a tree stump, block of wood, slab of salvaged tree.

Bear in the Park (137 hours from start to final finish) Cottonwood tree stump was the starting material for the bear commissioned by The Hills at Cherry Creek Park District.

239 resize329 resize2012-04-27 0062012-04-27 007DSC_0193DSC_0165DSC_0163Bear 6.24.2012 004

Arlo the Squirrel

IMG_20140327_152345627IMG_20140327_105542345IMG_20140331_1434108702014-03-30 008Arlo the Squirrel

Racing the Sun

IMG_20141129_141504746IMG_20141201_145300550IMG_20141206_174151395IMG_20141206_174151395IMG_20141212_164035901IMG_20141213_1502394281980-01-01 135Wolves02

Bear Claw

Jan. 28,2009 2 Feathers 001Jan. 28,2009 2 Feathers 002Jan. 28,2009 2 Feathers 003Jan. 28,2009 2 Feathers 005Jan. 28,2009 2 Feathers 006


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On display at the Woodcraft store. This is a model for the “Carving the Human Face” class.

IMG_20160314_211936228              IMG_20160314_211943653

Bernadette before color/stain processes.

IMG_20160424_143453202                      IMG_20160424_143447051_HDR