Classes & Demonstrations


  • Classes are taught at Woodcraft of Denver, 6770 S. Peoria St., Centennial, CO 80112
  • To enroll call 303-290-0007 or visit in person the Woodcraft store.
  • Presently, due to COVID-19, class sizes are limited to four people per class.
  • Tuition: $145.00 – Tuition is for 12 hours of class instruction.
  • Students are required to participate in four consecutive sessions.


Bas Relief

Classes will resume in August – September 2022

Tools Required: Safety glove, strop and compound, Flexcut Detail Knife KN13, Swissmade D7/6 +/-

Description: Carvers of all skill levels, in four sequential sessions, learn the techniques of relief carving. A starting size board for bas relief is generally 10” L x 5” H x ¾ “ D. Basswood is a good carving wood. These sizes are approximate. Woodcraft stocks these boards, and I can help you select a board on night one of our class.

Three-Dimensional Carving with Charlie Milliser

To be announced

Tools Required: Pfeil Swiss-made Gouge, 7/14, Pfeil Swiss-made Gouge, D7/6, KN13 Detail Knife, safety glove, and a strop with sharpening compound

Carvers should come with approximately a block of wood that is 12” H x 8” W x 4” D (basswood is easiest to work with). Woodcraft sells tools and blocks of wood. If you own carving tools, they should be of similar sizes and shapes as those listed.

Description: If you have ever wanted to carve three-dimensionally but didn’t know how to start or make your piece more life-like, this is the class for you. Whether you want to understand how to carve a realistic, 3D form of a face, an animal, or some other sculpture, this class is designed for that purpose. The class will offer direct instruction for novice carvers and guidance for those who are more advanced. The goal of the class is to make three-dimensional carving accessible and enjoyable for all carvers.


­Demonstrations will resume August – September, 2022


  • During the summer I generally participate in art shows within the state of Colorado and/or neighboring states. These shows are open to the public, and my work is available for sale.
  • When my attendance at art shows resumes, I will post that information on this page and in “Updates” at the bottom of my homepage.